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Speech of Encouragement at the seminar held by the Seoul Peace Institute of the Seoul Shinmun


Speech of Encouragement at the seminar held by the Seoul Peace Institute of the Seoul Shinmun
Seminar marking the establishment of the Seoul Peace Institute of the Seoul Shinmun
- Prospects for a third North Korea-US Summit and the ROK’s Role -

Good morning.
I am Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul.

I would like to extend my congratulations to you on holding the seminar on “Prospects for a Third North Korea-US Summit and the ROK’s Role.” I apologize for my late arrival due to a Cabinet meeting.

I would like to express my gratitude to floor leader Lee In-young of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea, President Ko Kwang-heon of the Seoul Shinmun, and others involved in arranging this meaningful event.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to the experts in inter-Korean relations for hosting this event, making presentations, and engaging in discussions today and to the distinguished guests for gracing the event with their presence.

I am very pleased that the Seoul Shinmun established the Seoul Peace Institute. It takes especially great interest in the Korean Peninsula, and this seminar shows that the Institute is already delving deeply into its important work in earnest.

I believe that the discussions in the seminar today were very useful. I expect that the Seoul Peace Institute will do a great deal to further reconciliation and cooperation between South and North Korea, as well as peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,
As you are aware, June 30 was a historic moment the – leaders of South and North Korea and the US met for the first time in history.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un responded to US President Trump’s surprise proposal in a short space of time, clearing the way for the dramatic meeting in just a day. The meeting confirmed the determination of the North Korean and US leaders to resolve the issues of the Korean Peninsula.

A US President was able to set foot on the northern side of the military demarcation line for the first time in history as a result of easing military tensions between the two Koreas last year including the demilitarization of the Joint Security Areas at Panmunjeom.

US President Trump and his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong Un, had as much time as during any other summit meeting to talk with each other frankly and agreed to resume working-level negotiations within two or three weeks.

After a hiatus since the Hanoi meeting, the denuclearization and peace process on the Korean Peninsula restarted in earnest.

I expect that the trust between the three leaders that was confirmed at the meeting will allow them to find common grounds in the negotiation process and reach substantial agreements.

The government will duly cooperate with North Korea, the US, and the international community and proactively strive for complete denuclearization and establishment of permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula.

It will take advantage of the new positivity on the Korean Peninsula to improve inter-Korean relations.

While continuing its efforts to implement the inter-Korean joint declarations, the government will explore creative ways to make progress in inter-Korean relations.

These efforts to improve inter-Korean relations will lead to progress in North Korea-US relations, creating a virtuous cycle, which will in turn increase the possibilities for success in the negotiations on denuclearization and establishment of lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.

I believe that all of you will join the government’s efforts and share your insights and wisdom.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,
Half of 2019 has already gone by. It has been three months since I was inaugurated as Unification Minister.

I have worked hard to communicate with the people, but I think I have left much to be desired.

More than ever, I will hear from the people in the process of establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula and developing sustainable inter-Korean relations.

I will review the matters discussed today and actively incorporate them into policy as much as possible.

In closing, I wish all of you the best of health and happiness.

Thank you.