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Press Briefings

Regular Briefing by Deputy Spokesperson Kim Eunhan


Regular Briefing by Deputy Spokesperson Kim Eunhan

Date : Friday, September 20, 2019

Time : 10:30-10:33 A.M.

[Minister & Vice Minister's Schedules]
Vice Minister Suh ho will deliver congratulatory remarks at a policy seminar on peace economy held at the National Assembly today(9.20) at 3 P.M.

Q : Was there any response from the North about the proposal (made by the South) to cooperate in preventing the spread of African swine fever?

A : I have nothing to confirm in particular at this moment.

Q : Can I say that as "you haven't received it yet?"

A : Yes.

Q : There was no report about the Pyeongyang Joint Declaration of September on North Korea's KCTV yesterday. Do you have any comment on it?

A : As you said there is no particular report(or activity) in the North Korean media on the first anniversary of the Pyeongyang Joint Declaration of September. I would like to state that it is not appropriate for the ministry to comment on such movement.

Q : Today the website of the North's Korea Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation and Uriminjokkiiri each posted an article in different words asking to repatriate the workers of Ryugyong restaurant. Is your stance on the restaurant workers remain the same or is there a different position?

A : I would like to restate that there was an announcement by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea(NHRCK) of the findings from the investigation. Again I would like to emphasize our basic position that the Ministry of Unification will faithfully carry out the NHRCK's decision.

Q: I have a follow-up question. North Korea recently brought up the problem of the Ryugyong restaurant workers and claimed that it relates to the separated families reunion issue on its propaganda media outlet. But the unification ministry is in fact stating it will put the separated families reunion first in priority once inter-Korean relations improves. Please tell us what you think about the current situation.

A: I would like to say that the issue of the North Korean defectors whose will have been confirmed in the process of entering the South and the issue of separated families are different matters.
However, I would like to reiterate our basic stance that resolving the issue of separated families who were forced apart by national division is the basis of mutual agreement signed by the two leaders and basic responsibility of the South and the North, and that the ROKG puts the issue of separated families as a top priority. Have a great weekend.