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Seminar marking the establishment of the Korean Peninsula Peace Economy Forum


Seminar marking the establishment of the Korean Peninsula Peace Economy Forum

The Korean Peninsula Peace Economy Forum was launched as a non-profit corporation under the Ministry of Unification in May. Its mission is to study the virtuous cycle of peace and economic growth with the ultimate goal of realizing lasting peace and common prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

The seminar marking the establishment of the forum was held at the head office building of the Federation of Korean Industries on August 20. Five hundred people representing the entire spectrum of society attended and di scussed theroles of the government and businesses, and cooperation between the government and the private sector to realize the new Korean Peninsula system and the peace economy.

Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul, in his congratulatory speech, said, “Although inter-Korean relations have been stalled and it is difficult to predict the situation in Northeast Asia, our way forward is clear. We must open an era of the peace economy in which peace lays a solid foundation for economic development and then economic growth further solidifies peace.”
He continued, “The government will trust and work together with the people to turn the current difficulties into an opportunity and move toward a Korean Peninsula of peace and prosperity. With patience, the government will carry out the agreements made at the inter-Korean joint declarations step by step and be all set to pursue cooperation in more fields and pick up the speed.”
The seminar was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Unification, the City of Seoul, and the National Unification Advisory Council.

한반도평화경제포럼 창립 세미나  한반도평화경제포럼 창립 세미나 한반도평화경제포럼 창립 세미나