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Farewell ceremony for the 40th Minister of Unification


On June 19, the farewell ceremony for the 40th Minister of Unification Kim Yeon Chul was held at the Government Complex Seoul.

Minister Kim, emphasized in his farewell speech, emphasized, “Inter-Korean relations have deteriorated markedly, and the situation is a full-blown crisis. The two Koreas are now trading feelings of disappointment and hatred, but I can state emphatically that hatred can never be defeated by hatred.”

He continued, “Many scars remain to be healed between the two Koreas. When relations worsen, the unhealed scars emerge again. As it is, a new scar would only make the healing process all the more difficult.”

The Minister stated, “I hope that my resignation affords a respite from the hostilities and clears the way forward for the benefit of all.”

제40대 통일부 장관 이임식 제40대 통일부 장관 이임식