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Press Note : Clarification on JoongAng Ilbo’s report(7.12) regarding video reunions of separated families


Ministry of Unification’s position on JoongAng Ilbo’s report regarding video reunions of separated families

July 12, 2019

  o JoongAng Ilbo reported in its opinion section on July 12 that ① “An official of the Ministry of Unification visited the North in April 2007 and delivered USD 400 thousand hιdden in a pink soap box to a North Korean official” and that ② “The Unification Ministry secretly handed a large amount of money to the North at a time when the government should have actively prevented any cash from flowing into North Korea.” This is not true.
  o Video reunions of separated families, in accordance with the agreement made between the two Koreas (June 21, 2006), were carried out publicly through a resolution of the Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Promotion Council (March 22, 2007).
    - At the time, the ROK Government was unable to directly provide to the North devices necessary for the operation of a video reunion center, such as LCD monitors and computers, as it went against U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Therefore, the Government instead provided the North with USD 400 thousand in cash for item purchasing purposes.

  o It is regrettable that such false reports may possibly mislead the general public to misinterpret government policy.