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통일부 로고통일부 로고


The Minister of Unification Lee In-young


Graduated from Chungju High School
Graduated from Korea University (B.A. in Korean Language and Literature)
Graduated from Graduate School of Media & Communication of Korea University (M.A. in Media & Communication)

Professional Career

20th President of the Student Council of Korea University
First President of the National Association of College Student Representatives
2004. ~ 2008.
Member of the 17th National Assembly
2010. ~ 2011.
Member of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party
Member of the Supreme Council of the Democratic United Party
2012. ~ 2016.
Member of the 19th National Assembly
2015. ~ 2016.
Chairman of the Committee for Development in Inter-Korean Relations and Unification of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD)
2016. ~ 2020.
Member of the 20th National Assembly
2017. ~ 2018.
Administrative Secretary of the Special Committee on Constitutional Amendment and Political Reform of the National Assembly
2018. ~ 2019.
Chairman of the Special Committee on Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation of the National Assembly
2019. ~ 2020.
Floor leader of the Democratic Party of Korea at the 20th National Assembly
2019. ~ 2020.
Chairman of the Steering Committee of the National Assembly
Director General of the Committee on COVID-19 (to overcome the national crisis) of the Democratic Party of Korea
2020.5. ~ Present
Member of the 21st National Assembly
2020.7. ~ Present
Minister of Unification